Innovative functions on flexible substrates

Decorative Market

The combination of our five technical skills (metallization, formulation, coating, cutting and demetallization) allows us to offer a large number of specific products.

Examples of applications:

  • Films for lightweight mirrors

    High load ultra-clear metallised polyester films. Opaque mirror, one-way mirror.

  • Textile laminate: Metlon®

    PET/ALU/PET complex divided into yarns to put in the fabrics for clothing (fashion), silver and gold range.

  • Films for disposable plates and trays

    Films to calender on APET or APS to then be thermoformed. Broad range of aspects (brushed, mirrors...) and colors

  • Silver threads for flexible shower hoses
  • Coating of colored varnish or special aspects
  • Toll work on a large number of base materials into reels.

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