Innovative functions on flexible substrates



Varnishes and glues used in coating are formulated and produced by a computerized system of dosage of the different chemical constituents.

Rexor,ICPE certified (classified facility environmental protection), has a production of primary solutions workshop and a computer-driven varnish finishing workshop.

Formulation workshop complies with the highest standards and allows REXOR to transform solvents and other chemicals in varnishes and glues.

Maximum viscosity: 1500 to 2000 centiPoise
Packaging: drums or containers of 180 kg to 1500 kg
Total capacity of the workshop: 200 tons / month


What kind of glues and varnish offers REXOR?

Primary solutions, varnish finishing, grinding and dispersion of pigments, varnish thermo-sealants…

REXOR can offer you complex formulas with exact dosage.