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Our CSR approach

As a responsible company, REXOR has formalized its actions through a policy of social responsibility of the company (CSR). REXOR integrates in its strategy of dimensions social, environmental, et economic dimensions but also values in interaction with its stakeholders.

REXOR company responsible actions

through the 7 pillars of CSR


our demarche csr REXOR





1. 3 years REXOR action plan built by participatory management

2 Charter of values-based management EN IN

3. transparency with third parties

4. collaborative approach

5. CSR indicators ENIN

Human Rights

human rights





6. professional equality

7 Charter against harassment

8. agreement on the contract generation

9. commitment to disability

Working relationships






10. OHSAS 18001

11. behavioural safety visits

12. the 5s method

13. training and skills development

14 Charter of good use of ICTs








15. ISO 14001

16. VOC incinerator

17. recovery of heat from the incinerator

18. recycling of consumables

19. eco-designed products

Practice Loyalty







20 Charter of responsible purchasing

21. policy of listening to customers

Consumer-related Questions


questions related-consumer





22. ISO 9001

23. HACCP approach

Social commitment


societal engagement,





24. Membership in the Global Compact

25. Elected in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

26. home of rotating, trainees and students

27 meetings on the theme of employment

28. Support of sports and charity events

Indicators CSR of Rexor

Indicateurs Environnement
Indicateurs Sécurité
Photo Social RSE
Indicateurs Social