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Engagements HACCP

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Good hygiene practices

We deliver to some customers products usable in the food chain. This responsibility means respecting strictly the best practices below in all production areas, packaging and storage.

Cleanliness, order, storage”

  • Leave his job or his clean and tidy office starting
  • Apply the cleaning instructions provided for each machine
  • Collect waste and dispose in appropriate containers in accordance sorting
  • Close the doors of the production areas to limit contamination by rodents, insects, birds.
  • Remove the cutting blades and cutters in the boxes provided for this purpose.
  • Keep the dressing room areas, sanitary and clean places to eat after passing
  • Do not bring personal belongings (bags, bottles, ...) workplace
  • Ranger PPE (gloves, goggles, mask) used



  • Eating and drinking at the workplace
  • Introduce glass containers
  • Smoking on the premises of the factory (with the exception of areas provided for this purpose)


Personal hygiene

  • Put on work clothes clean and adequate
  • Wear charlotte for entering the manufacturing areas
  • Wash hands systematically after eating, smoking and using the toilet
  • Declare any infectious disease, type gastrointestinal or lung disease, her team leader who will propose a suitable position or wearing a mask
  • Use gel to dry "antibacterial" for decontaminating hands before contact with products intended for food contact
  • Do not wear jewelry or watch with the exception of an alliance
  • Preferably wear bandages and blue gloves to protect wounds
  • Tie up long hair


The hygiene is everyone's business, please follow these best practices