Innovative functions on flexible substrates

HSE commitments

Health / safety / environment

The business areas in which we operate lead us to focus on:
  • TheHealth of our staff and working environment
  • The Security at work
  • The Protection of the environment
REXOR relies on 3 principles:
  • Acting on a daily basis
  • Informing and training staff
  • monitoring (audits, monitoring plans, …)
  1. 1

    REXOR is committed to:

    • Work according to the principles of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
    • Perform regular audits “Hygiene - cleanliness – Storage”
    • Each employee's awareness of hygiene
    • Develop 5S areas

  2. 2
    Health & Safety

    REXOR is committed to:

    • Train and inform on the following topics: home, fire safety, OHS, chemical risks, risk trades, cargo gear, electricity
    • Protect its personnel, its tool, its environment: protection sprinklers, carbon, UV detection protection and fumes, technical building management,...
    • Ensuring that personal protective equipment is worn
    • Work on the risk analysis from of the single Document in order to implement a coherent, effective management tool, and shared by all
    • Comply with regulations relating to our business
    • Preventing psychosocial risks (harassment, overload, communication)

  3. 3

    REXOR s’engage au travers de sa certification ISO 14001, à :

    • Complying with legal obligations and other requirements applicable to the site
    • Introducing a policy of continuous improvement in terms of the environment
    • Preventing and controlling the risk of pollution
    • REXOR s’attache prioritairement à :
    • Reduce energy and consumables consumption
    • Increasing the monitoring of its airborne emissions and the efficiency of its VOC incinerators
    • Reducing waste and looking for new recycling procedures
    • Reduce the chemicals impact
    • Improving fire risk management

We are committed to enforcing this HSE commitment established on the respect of the men and women (employees, customers, suppliers, riparian, companies outside), the preservation of industrial and environment in light of the integration of the industrial site in the tourist site of the Lake of Paladru.

Valérie ROBIN General Manager