Innovative functions on flexible substrates

Global Policy

Focusing on quality for our customers

Our management quality system based on ISO 9001 and certified since 1996, is based on the main process of our organization. To continuously improve our system is a permanent objective.

Meeting… requirements in terms of health and food safety

Rexor committed since 2006 in a HACCP approach, to provide the end consumer a high quality product, made in a secure and controlled environment.

Improving… the well-being and safety of our employees

To ensure a safe and healthy working conditions for all workers on our site is at the heart of our concerns. An attentive and personalized support for each skill contributes to this objective. The development of individual skills and knowledge is also critical to our performance.

Preserving… our environment

Located near a tourist lake, REXOR has long been aware of the importance of successful integration in the middle of this nature. Controlling our impacts involves compliance with the regulations, the establishment of a management system according to ISO 14001, and the initiation of projects such as the energy diagnostics and the Carbon Footprint. Rexor annually invests in equipment and new technologies, more environmentally friendly, as the coating solvent.