Innovative functions
on flexible substrates


  • Identité et documents officiels (notariés, bancaires…)
  • Supports lotteries
  • Textiles and labels



Let us design your combination together

  • Incorporating security features into your process

    – Embedding security threads into paper pulp
    – Slitting : films, threads

  • Optical effects, visible or unvisible with the eye

    – Optical effects visible to the naked eye (3D effect, animated movement, multilens ...)
    – Invisible effects revealed under detector (UV, Infrared, specific detector ...)

  • Dedicated formulation and coating

    – Increase your visual security with a marked coating
    – Hot coating (T ° controlled) of very low deposit
    – Coating and cutting films 175µ thick
    – Medical applications
    – Formulating varnishes in ATEX

  • Upgrading paper

    – Lamination of paper /polyester film / aluminum foil / grid / …



Contact :

Valérie ROBIN
valerie.robin @

33 (0)6 62 42 83 05

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