REXOR: A unique combination of expertise
Metallisation - Coating / Lamination - Slitting - Formulation
Rexotherm® CIV :
VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) new generation components
Unique know-how, technical and environmental benefits.
Christal Light® REXOR :
The widest range of metallised and coated films on the market
Caress, Brushed, High Gloss, Matt, Colored, Scratch resistant ...
Let us introduce you to "Christal Light Premium Print"
REXOR: Security solutions custom made
Security - Protection - Identification
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Since 60 years, Rexor is the specialist of plastic films processing such as polyester and biaxially oriented polypropylene.

Recognized worldwide, Rexor exports more than half of its production.


REXOR's functions

Its unique know-how in metallising, coating / laminating, cutting and formulation provides specific and innovative features such as vacuum insulating panels, Caress varnishes, barriers to oxygen ...

REXOR 60 years of know-how

Member of the Pole Innovations Constructives REXOR


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The news of REXOR

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